Shinsen! 新鮮  That’s Japanese for fresh. And we love it. Because everything we do is about freshness. Take our fresh approach to ingredients – all our seafood is 100% responsibly sourced. Then there’s the fresh thinking we apply to our menu – it includes a mix of seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes. But of course, freshest of all is the food itself. Unbeatably fresh ingredients, freshly prepared in front of your eyes, so you can experience the freshest flavours imaginable. So go on, dive into our new menu. You’ll find it refreshingly different.  

Location in Mall


Floor Level

Level P

Store Hours

Monday to Friday:10am to 11pm (All Retailers), 10am to 12am (F&B), 10am to 11pm (Supermarkets) Friday to Saturday:10am to 11pm (All Retailers), 10am to 12 midnight (F&B), 10am to 12 midnight (Supermarkets)


+ 971 56 5207781


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