Will I be able to access Wi-Fi in the mall?

Yes, Free Wi-Fi is available across the mall.

Does the mall offer repair or alteration services?

Services such as repair or alteration is available on the P Level next to Waitrose. Shoe repair is also now available in the mall.

Does Level P indicate ‘Parking’?

No, Level P stands for ‘Promenade Level’.

What’s the best place to park, to get to Waitrose?

The most convenient parking area to access Waitrose is Level P2, which is the parking level right off Sheikh Zayed Road.

Is there a specific code of conduct to be mindful of at Dubai Marina Mall?

While at the mall, visitors are required to dress respectfully, keeping in mind the cultural and religious values of the country and its residents. For example, knees and shoulders should be covered, and see-through clothing must be avoided.

Please refrain from public displays of affection, such as kissing or holding hands.

Smoking is not permitted in the mall, although some restaurants have designated smoking areas outdoors.

The consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the mall.

Pets may not be brought into the mall.

Dangerous activities such as sports and games including but not limited to rollerblading and skateboarding are prohibited.

What are the ticket prices and contact details for Reel Cinemas?

Tickets are priced at AED 50 for first-class seating and AED 35 for children younger than 7 years of age. You can contact Reel Cinemas by calling +971-56-682-4725. Tickets may also be reserved online on www.reelcinemas.ae

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